Lesson #21 New Year Revolutions……not me!

No, I didn’t spell it incorrectly.  That’s just how I see it and say it.  :o)  Making them is the surest way to fail at something.  For instance you make a revolution to LOSE 10 pounds.  The human mind is hard wired to find things we have lost.  It will take us to the ends of the earth to find what is lost.  You will not only find that lost 10 pounds, but you will probably get another 15 added to it.  The mind is very accommodating to us.  If you are going to shed some pounds, use words like shed, reduce, etc..

I make intentions.  I get out my everyday journal and make a list.  It is usually not very long.

I am kind to everyone;  I am loving life;  I am available whenever God needs me to do anything;  I spend more time outdoors and I am loving it.  That is just part of my 2012 Intention List.

There are things that intention don’t work with.  Say you have a teenager whose bedroom looks like a tornado went through it.  Well you can make an intention all day long that your teenager will keep their room clean, but sorry to say, it’s not going to happen.  It was not your teenager’s intention.  It was yours.

People cannot change or fix anyone.  So, when we want someone we care about to stop drinking so much, we can make an intention, we can pray (prayer always helps), but it’s up to the person to stop doing the drinking, or be more attentive, or work on their anger.  Remember the power of prayer!  It is such an awesome thing to see God in action.

The beginning of a new year is also when I start my new journals.  I hold on to the previous ones, but for me each new year is a great reason to start a new journal.

I want to wish you all a wonderful 2012.  I pray that it is filled with extraordinary and amazing things.  I pray that when Life happens you will handle things with courage, calmness, and hope.

Love & Peace Always

Sarah© 2011



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