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Lesson #42 Complacency

This Is What I Know For Sure Today:

The world is very complacent when it comes to addiction and alcoholism issues.  I am not saying every single person puts addiction on the back burner, but no one seems to want to make a difference until it touches their lives.  Then everything hits the fan.

The truth is, everyone can make a difference when it comes to helping those with drug and alcohol issues.  It is a disease as much as diabetes, cancer, AIDS, heart disease, poor eyesight, and the list goes on.  Most of us are predisposed to addiction/alcoholism as it tends to run somewhere in the family…just like most diseases.

Yes, dealers need to be dealt with severely.  In their own way, they are killing people.  But, what about the alcohol that has found a place in some child’s home?  What about the prescription drugs that sit on the shelves of their family members?  I am not BLAMING or trying to shame anyone.  I am asking you all to pay attention to those around you.

I spend a great deal of time with homeless youth and women in prison.  They all have something in common…low self-esteem.  The kids ended up in the foster care system, where there are just not enough workers to oversee their care, and definitely not enough wonderful families willing to take on a foster child.  They are abused, used as housekeepers, used as a paycheck…and they go from one home to another with little notice, if any.  Eventually, they trust no one.  They run, they find themselves on the street and hungry.  They meet another homeless child who tells them the best way to get money for food is to prostitute themselves.  Okay, the child has probably already been molested and they think…oh well, at least I will get paid this time.  The act is so disgusting that they begin to get high or drunk or both in order to do it.  The next thing they know, they are getting high to be high.  They forget they are hungry.  And the vicious circle gets bigger.  Most of my homeless kids have every sexually transmitted virus in the book, and I can’t get them help, they are minors.  They will run away if I try to put them back into the system.  They have just given up.  Before you know it, they end up getting arrested.  Eventually, if they don’t die, they will be the women I see in prison.  They have no education, no self-esteem, their health is shot, they have lost their children and the circle continues.

You can help by getting involved.  Write your Congress people and Senators, your Governor, the president.  Write your pastors, your school districts superintendents, your mayors.  Write a letter to your newspaper editor.

Most of us never asked to become addict/alcoholics.  There are many kinds of addiction…

gambling, excessive eating, not eating, sex, video games, shopping, and on and on.

You can help.  You have power.  Those with addiction issues need affordable detox and long term rehabilitation.  Most have no money and for certain no insurance.  Everyday we lose more and more people to this…it is a pandemic.

Please get involved…you will be saving a life.

Sarah-Pink Welch @ 2012

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Lesson #41 ¿ Expectations ? Avoiding Anger & Resentments

This subject has probably been written about more times than I can count…but, sometimes we may need a little reminder so we don’t end up feeling stuck or miserable.

Years and years ago, I realized that the only person I could honestly expect anything from was myself.  When I was expecting others to do what they said they would do, or when I expected that everyone would be honest, or treat others with kindness…I was always setting myself up for a huge disappointment…then I would be angry.  I was usually more angry with myself for thinking people would do the next right thing, but any way you look at it, resentment soon followed.  No one can function well when they a carrying around all that ugly baggage.  You just end up stuck in your head, blaming, playing old tapes over and over again filled with faulty thinking, and before you know it, the circle starts again.  So, I let go and let God.  I mean to tell you, I quit trying to figure out the “why” of it all.  Knowing “why” people didn’t follow through, or “why” they weren’t honest, or kind, or whatever the case might be, was futile.  It took me a few times to let God keep it all…I really thought I could help God out…  🙂  but, I gave it all to Him and walked away.  It’s not that I don’t care anymore, I do care, but the only person I can change is myself…and the only situation I might be able to help improve is the one I am working on at any given time.

When I work with my clients, through Life Coaching, expectations come up quite a bit.  I understand their pain and sadness and I truly understand their disappointment and anger with others.  I am finding that when we work together and really take situations apart and look at them for what they are, the best way for them to find peace, less baggage, and answers is by giving it to God and walking away.  Like me, they know what they can follow through on.  They know it is easier to be honest than to lie and kindness lifts their spirits so very much.  Depending on ourselves, expecting that we will do our best…even if we fall short once in awhile, is a whole lot better than expecting things from others that they are incapable of giving.

Trust God, trust yourself and things will begin to run more smoothly.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2012

Facebook:  Sarah-Pink’s Promise