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Lesson #39 Mindfulness

mindfulness-posterMany years ago I became aware of how good I felt when I was mindful of being fully present while doing whatever it was that I was doing.  To me, mindfulness is paying attention here and now with kindness and curiosity.  Here are just some of the things I became aware of while I was being mindful:

*Became aware of the breath;
*Feeling the various physical sensations of an emotion;
*Noticing thoughts as they pass through my mind;
*Paying attention to all the sounds in the room or outdoors;
*Noticing what happens in my body when there is stress or chaos;
*Watching my thoughts that arise when there is boredom;
*Feeling my stomach rise and fall with each breath

I have been practicing mindfulness in my meditations, my prayer times, while eating, walking, listening to others speak to me, or just being.  I really believe the active practice of mindfulness has helped me become calm, strong, more intuitive, less chaotic, able to see things with clarity or a new perspective, strengthened my spiritual foundation, and has allowed me to walk away from those people and things that caused me such pain…and I have done it with mindful love and no guilt.

There is no rushing around when you practice mindfulness.  In fact, I am able to accomplish more…without rushing or becoming stress-filled by doing things mindfully.  Forgiving others has become second nature…I even linger less on what made someone so hurt/angry/hate-filled that they would hurt me.  I forgive freely knowing whatever was said or done to me had absolutely nothing to do with me.  That was a very amazing realization.  It is not about me!!!!  FREEDOM!!!!!!!!  I have flexible, but firm boundaries in my life and I am very mindful of who I allow to come “play” in my yard.

Mindfulness requires what most positive ways of living require.  Letting go of the past…not worrying about tomorrow and being present now…for now is all there is.  It is very freeing to let go for good and be present in this moment.

The next time you talk a walk, I encourage you to walk slowing and be mindful of every step you take.  The next time you have a cup of tea or coffee, be mindful of every sip you take…what does it taste like/feel like…the next time someone is speaking to you about something personal, listen mindfully and do not speak…maybe you can help them later, but let them speak…they will find some healing in that.

Mindfulness…I encourage you all to give yourself a huge gift and begin to practice it.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2012

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