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Lesson #35 Ur Fat..Ho..Towel Head..Trailer Trash..Nigger..Fag..Stupid..Freak..RedNeck

and that is not even a dent in the words children say to other children or the beatings children endure at the hands of other children…..because they don’t look like them, or they have less than them, or they don’t speak a language well, or they like someone of the same sex.  All over the world children are killing themselves because they can’t take the bullying they endure nearly every day of their lives.

No one asks to be born in a certain country, or be a certain race, or be a certain faith, or have a certain sexual orientation….but they often pay the ultimate price of being (“whatever different is”) bullied, and they end their lives’ with their own hands.

Not a real cheery thing to think about in 2012.  Our children are dying and we must come together and change things so they can have a chance to live a full, happy and productive life.

Children are not born hating anyone.  Children are taught by the adults in their lives’ to hate anyone who is not what their parents/adults decide is right and good.  It’s no longer whites against blacks, males against females, it’s humans against humans.

I have prayed all day about this post.  As I type the words I feel sick.  I am an adult and I do look different than most adults.  I have heard the whispers and watched people as they stared at me.  But, I have thick skin, and how I look was a personal choice.

2012, and a child who happens to be hispanic and attending an all white school could be having some very tough days.  That needs to change sooner than later.  A gay student is picked on consistently, day in day out for being who they are, and one day goes home and hangs themself in the bathroom.  A young girl who is a bit overweight is made fun of, has no friends,  goes home and decides to cut herself just to feel something…anything.

I am a Christian and trust God with all that I have.  Now, from what I have learned, God created everyone on this planet.  Do you really think God would make a mistake? Do you really think He makes people in order for them to be abused?  I don’t.  But, we humans have free will, which is really like having a license to say or do anything we like, to anyone we don’t like because they don’t look the same, live the same way, eat the same things or even pray the same way.

When a child is growing up in an environment filled with hatred for a certain type or types of people we will usually see this child grow into a bully.  As they grow up in their poisoned, narrow minded homes, those feelings and beliefs stay with them…unless their is some major moment of change….and they will enter the world as an adult who will go forward producing children who will also grow up in the same situation as the people that raised them.

Then there is the flip side.  When a child has been belittled and bullied their entire lives’ they are become filled with shame, anger, and even hatred toward those doing the bullying and those adults whose responsibility it is to keep them safe….and before you know it, they will walk into their school with a gun and just start shooting.  If that’s not a cry for help, nothing is.

What can we do about it?  My first thought was that people who wanted to have a child would have to undergo psychological testing, take parenting classes and get a license before they could.  Well, that’s a violation of about 8 human rights so I can’t do that.  I have to have a license for my dog, I have to have a license to fish, and one to drive my car.  So that says to me that fish are more important than a child and that disgusts me.  We can talk to other adults, we can sit down with our children and be honest with them.  We can get involved in the lives’ of the children we come in contact with, we can be role models of what a good human is and how they act.  No one is better than anyone else because of their age, color, religious beliefs, how much money they have, which side of the tracks they live on, whether their parents are together or not.  None of that matters.  I have learned the most valuable and treasured things from people who are polar opposites of me.

If I am out somewhere and their are groups of people around I am usually attracted to the group that most people think of as less than.  I like it that way and it has never been boring.

Please get involved.  Please stand up for those who can’t do it themselves.  We are loosing our children.

Sarah© 2012


Observation #1 World What Are We Thinking???

A 13 year old took their life by hanging yesterday.  Why?  This child was continually bullied at school.  How could that be?

A child in Texas has not eaten since lunch at school on Friday.  Why?  Their mom doesn’t make enough money to feed the child and their 3 siblings.  How can that be?

The elderly eat cat food because that is all the can afford.  Why?  Because the money they had saved is no where close to reality.  How can that be?

People are going to prison for non-violent offenses everyday. Why?  They are usually addicted to something and steal or prostitute in order to make money to get their drugs.  How can that be?

People are raping our children.  Why?  Their past abuse as a child is usually the basis…because to them it is normal.  How can that be?

People are killing one another over land.  People are killing one another because they are black, white, Asian, Middle Eastern, or just plain human.  Why?  Because they can.  How can that be?

People are being killed because they are Gay, Lesbian, Have a disability, they are Senior Citizens, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Human.  World…we have to stop.  We need to take a hard look at ourselves and make a change.  People are killing to be killing.

It’s 2012 and we aren’t even able to stop accumulating all the high tech junk we MUST have, or the newest car, or the best clothes, to see what is going on around us.

We are running out of time.  We are running out of hope.  We have too much red tape that binds us.  It’s time to say No More and start making a positive difference.  It is up to us.  We can do it together.

World, wake up.  You know I am Christian and you know I am not God.  I am also not an idiot.  Together we can change our space in the world.  Cause and Effect.  Do good….good follows.

How much money, stuff, titles, homes, cars, clothing, shoes, and titles are enough?  I mean please!  How much money do you need?  If you feel guilty because you do, don’t…unless you are not giving lots of it away.  If that’s the case, shame on you.

How many people will die from drug abuse….this includes alcohol?  We put addicts in prison.  Are we serious?  Do we really think putting someone with an addiction belongs in a prison?  Shame on us.  Shame on the judges.  Shame on the prisons that do not offer recovery as an option.

I see homeless people of all ages way to often.  Some became homeless when they were 5, others fought for freedom for us.  Are we seriously even using our minds?  Do we really not care?

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013

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