Lesson #80 Fitting In

Hi everyone. Do you sometimes feel like you just don’t fit in? Maybe at work, or school, or with your family, or even with your neighbors. I often feel like that and it’s okay with me. I am not anything like the folks I don’t fit in with. I am certainly not better than they are, but I am different and I travel a road they never noticed. But, look around at the people and places you feel comfortable with and notice how good it feels….see you fit on!! So, not fitting in elsewhere is okay. You are amazing and you fit in my heart.


Sarah-Pink Welch  @2013

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Lesson #79 The Truth Will Set You Free!

This Is What I Know For Sure Today:
The truth will set us free!! It is so much better to tell the truth than a fib….especially to ourselves. If we can’t be honest with ourselves, how can we be honest with anyone else. Fibbing takes a whole lot of work, sleepless nights, remembering what you said to who….and it is just easier and better to speak honestly and get it over with. It is so relaxing & peaceful to live truthfully than to keep fibbing.
I have someone in my life, who I love beyond belief and this person has a terrible problem being honest. They fib because they have low self esteem and don’t believe they matter. This person has no friends, looks ill from lack of sleep, and is not trusted by one living soul. Not one. And when I peel aways the layers of dishonesty there I find a sincerely good person. They are bright, funny, attractive, hard working, and would give you whatever you asked….but you can’t believe a word they say. I have to use boundaries very much when it comes to them or I will get myself stuck in a mess. They fib to seem like they are someone else, or things in their life are worse than they really are. This is all very typical with a person who basically is a pathological fibber. They need help and no one can make them get it. At this point they have almost lost everything and are backed into a corner. They have fibbed so often before, that now when they truly need assistance there is no one left who is willing to help them. So if you happen to have this problem do your best to get honest. First with yourself and then with others. Telling someone the truth is not always easy and comfortable but that sure beats a fib any day of the week.
Please know I love you all and I am sending you crispy Monday pink huggz.

Sarah-Pink Welch  ©2013

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Lesson #79 Yes – – No

This Is What I Know For Sure Today:
Yes and No. Those are two powerful words and sometimes we get stuck with them and when we really mean one and say the other, we end up angry with ourselves. I am a huge fan of the following: Saying Yes to life; Saying Yes to allowing yourself to be happy; Saying Yes to loving yourself; Saying Yes to friendships you can fully nurture; Saying Yes to falling in love with someone who fits in your life; Saying Yes to things you are passionate about…Love that word Yes!!!! Saying No when you are being treated like a doormat or if folks believe you have a revolving door in your heart; Saying No to being an a committee you don’t have the time and energy to serve on; Saying No when you are tired and the grand kids need to be watched again…unless you are passionate about being their sitter; Saying No when someone asks you to coach yet another sports team; Saying No to people and places that are no longer safe for you. Love the word No!!!! Now we may have learned that if we say no we will feel guilty or concerned someone won’t like us anymore. That has to be their problem NOT yours and there is no need to feel guilty. Other people say NO to you don’t they? When you need and want to say NO say it. When you say Yes to a commitment then you must keep that commitment….and if you really never wanted to be involved with it in the first place…step back, think and then answer honestly…”no I can’t/won’t do this”. No shame, no guilt, no more doormat, no more revolving door, no more missing out on loving the greatest person on earth YOU, no more skipping necessary appointments because you aren’t practicing positive self-care and mindfulness. If we don’t take care of ourselves we will likely be unable to do much of everything. We only have so much time and energy and if we keep giving it away and giving it away we will be empty vessels and that is an awful feeling. So do and say your next right thing and live contentedly with your answers.
I sure love you all very much and I am sending you big, pink YES huggz.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013

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World AIDS Awareness Day December 1st, 2011

Happy December and please remember that today is World AIDS Awareness Day.  Yes, we get one day dedicated to helping people become aware, understand, and cope with AIDS.

HIV, the gift that keeps on giving.  And there is no place on Earth to return it.  I have AIDS.  I acquired HIV when I had my first cancer surgery on December 26th, 1984.  There was no test to screen for HIV in 1984.  Thankfully, there is one now and it’s been around for awhile.

But, to avoid all of the fear, worry and genuine yuck of it all here are some steps to take to avoid the whole HIV+ issue.

If you are shooting up drugs, and I hope you aren’t, PLEASE don’t share needles.  If you need help getting off drugs, let me know and I will do all I can to help you.  If I can get clean and sober, and stay that way for almost 40 years, so can you.

Next…don’t have sex with everyone.  In fact abstinence has a lot of merits.  If you won’t abstain, then use common sense and stay safe.  Go to your doctor or clinic and get tested.  You no longer have to wait weeks for the result.  There are good medications available now.  Trust me, I was a guinea pig for many of them.  Now, I don’t have to take so many each day.  If you are HIV+ or have full blown AIDS, BE HONEST.  Tell your partner.

Be safe not sick.

Now for more truth.  You can hug me, kiss me, drink from the same fountain I do, you can donate blood (and please do that), you can dance with me, laugh with me, cry with me, touch me.  You do NOT have to move 500 feet away from me.  Yes, my immune system is compromised so please get your flu shot.  Please stay home if you are ill, I pick up illness quicker than you can say Swiffer.

Have a great December 1st evening and wear some red.  Wear RED all month long…in fact buy anything that has the  (red) word on it.  The money goes to a good cause.

Stay safe, happy and smile a lot.

P.S.  Thank you to all who care about this!!!!!

Sarah- Pink Welch © 2011

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Lesson #78 Having A Balanced Life

Having balance in our lives is so important and as I learned recently <ahem>, you can burn out-fizzle-crash & burn without it.  The lengths I go to in order to see if I can do without balanced living is hysterical. DUH SARAH!!!!
We need time for ourselves, our work, our families, our friends, exercise, time to just be in nothingness, time to eat well and when you start skipping any of those you end up hanging on to frayed threads, praying not to fall. Been there, done that, have the tee shirt and coffee mug to prove it. Balanced living is easier to achieve than we think. It means getting rid of the excess and making sure we have plenty of the necessary. As I have written before, if something is no longer enjoyable or a benefit to you and vice versa, let go of it. It will wear you out. Love what you do and do what you love but never do just one or two things excessively. Once you get your balance back you will see how over your head in excess you were. Breathe, smile, laugh out loud, reach out and enjoy this day.
I love you all and I am sending you each a well balanced pink hug.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013

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Lesson #77 More About Boundaries

I have been working with lots of folks on creating healthy boundaries for themselves because no one was ever created to be a doormat, an ATM nor do they have a revolving doors in their hearts. We are not actually born with healthy boundaries. Boundaries are both physical and emotional. Boundaries or the lack of them is learned. In a healthy growing up environment we either learn to set healthy personal boundaries in order to maintain a positive self-concept, or self-image. It is our way of communicating to others that we have self-respect, self-worth, and will not allow others to define us. If, when growing up we were not respected, or did not see the adults in our lives’ respecting each other or other people we will tend to have low self-esteem, and a negative self image. We will also lack the skill and knowledge to honor and respect the boundaries of other people.
Without healthy boundaries, we tend to have lives’ full of drama, chaos, and
it would not be impossible to enjoy healthy relationships without the existence of personal boundaries, or without our willingness to accurately communicate them directly and honestly with others. We must recognize that each of us is a unique individual with distinct emotions, needs and preferences. This is equally true for our spouses, children, friends and co-workers. When we decide to set personal boundaries means to preserve your integrity and take responsibility for who you are, and to take control of your life and what you allow to happen in it. It is NEVER to late to start the boundary building process. It will shock some people when you begin to say NO to them or I WOULD RATHER NOT, but we teach people how to treat us and now is the perfect time to begin.
I love you all and I am sending you you pink, umbrella huggz…because I think it’s going to rain.

Sarah-Pink Welch  ©2013

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Lesson #76 Getting It Done

The time is now! Whatever you have been putting off doing, it is time to get busy and do it. I know there is always that fear (which is not real) that you may fall short. Who cares if you do? Keep doing it. I think you know I don’t believe in failure. If you are doing something–even if it is unsuccessful the first time–at least you did it. So keep up the good work. If you have a dream or goal, go for it. You want to shed some pounds, shed them, you want a new job, get it. You want a relationship, put yourself out there. Everything that is supposed to happen will. It’s that easy and that hard. Hush up the naysayers and keep at it. Everything will fall into place…but you have to begin in order to get there. The time is now. Have faith in yourself.
Look at all that you have made it through and keep moving forward. I believe in you. I love you all so very much and I am sending you all pink, successful huggz.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013

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