Lesson #82

This Is What I Know For Sure Today:
Taking chances…taking a risk to do something we never had before can seem daunting–even overwhelming. Sometimes we may need to find a new job, leave a bad relationship, detach from those who are toxic to us, and so on. Each thing makes us risk being rejected, or afraid, all kind of things. But when we truly need to do something and we take that chance to see it through we become empowered. We are allowed to risk being hated because we say “no more,” to those who treat us badly. We risk not having a job for a bit while we look for another one that helps us provide for ourselves and or family better. There is a certain amount of fear that will show up….but remember what fear really stands for…..
False…Evidence…Appearing…Real. When we take a chance and face those fears what we are really doing is exposing them to the light of truth and they fade away. Please do not be afraid to put a safe plan in action in order to leave a bad relationship. There will be someone in your life again that truly does care and love about you. Remember….Love does not leave bruises. The one sure way we have to move forward is to take the chance and move our feet…along with the rest of ourselves. Things will be better when you are taking the chance to do something better. Risk doing the next right thing for yourself.
I love you all so very much and I am sending each of you a pink, warm hug.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013

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