Lesson #69 Bugs Do Have A Purpose

This will probably come out sounding odd, but if odd is how I think then so be it.  I have been watching bugs a lot lately outside. The only bugs I ever really collected were fireflies as a child. I would put some grass in a mason jar, run around the field gathering them up and quickly putting the lid back on the jar after each catch. Then when I went to sleep I would sit the jar on the table next to my bed and I would have a night light of sorts. I loved it. In the morning I would set them free and do it all over again that evening. So, I have been paying close attention to beetles, flies, all the creepy crawlies and wondering a lot about their purposes. And you know, I can almost name the purpose for each, except for roaches.  I deal with them in places I have to visit, but other than that I don’t care for them. Even other insects don’t care for them. They are like bullies of the insect world. So here comes the leap….I was thinking how all these insect types have a purpose, some are even pretty gross purposes, but very necessary and I was comparing them to humans. You may not be doing the exact thing you love yet, but you and I have a purpose in this big world. We aren’t here randomly and we all have something special we need to be doing. So anytime you are wondering why you are here…stop. You have a purpose and you are needed. Just think of the insects who do their jobs and help us more than you may know and know that you are 100 times more necessary. I love you all and I am going outside to chill, write and watch some bugs. Maybe tonight I will catch some fireflies and have a night light.  I love you all and I am sending you pink, butterfly huggz. 

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013

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