Lesson #62 Fear

Fear is one of the worst, and most limiting, emotions in life. Sadly, it is also a fact. We’re all unsettled by something—after any hurricane or other natural disaster, school shootings and such, we tend to become fearful. I think life is a process of moving items from the “scared of” to the “not scared of” list. And I have been moving almost everything to my “not scared of” column. So, you know what I’m not worried about anymore for sure?
Failure. It doesn’t exist in my world. “Failure” is just what happens when we lose perspective. I prefer to trade that word in for life lesson or experience. I thought I’d failed many times in my life and it was just stinkin’ thinkin’ and false beliefs rearing their heads. If I’d known then that I needed to go through those things in order to be ready for the next thing in my life I would have been even more grateful than I was. These life lessons are simply an unavoidable low point, no more or less important than the experiences I call successes.
They don’t define us. And most of all there is nothing to fear. Nothing. Breathe, inhale the peace, and move along.
I love you all and I am sending you each a fearless, pink hug.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013StopBeingAfraid12

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One thought on “Lesson #62 Fear

  1. hi Sarah, TY, this was very helpful and inspiring, I think we (I) always need convinced that faith over fear is the way……I was born with fear and it only got worse throughout my life till I did something constructive about it, I now work that each day….love n hugs ❤

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