Lesson #61 What About Stress????

Frustration has been a prominent emotion of many of my clients lately. Being jobless, not in the best of health, unhealthy relationships, problems with their children and the list goes on. All of the frustration they are feeling really feeds their existing low self esteem. So what do we do when frustration seems to surround us?
Focus on one thing at a time. If it is in your power to fix it than do. If not, please walk away….if you don’t you will only become more frustrated.
Ask yourself what is the number one priority and ask yourself what you can do to deal with it with the least amount of difficulty.
Be patient with yourself and others. We all get things together at different speeds, so remain peaceful inside and everything will come together.
Let’s face it, most of the problems we get frustrated with will not be of major consequence in the long run. Getting some perspective and true clarity about a problem can allow you to keep your mind level when dealing with it. Of course this is really easier said than done. Usually frustration is caused by a narrow focus on a problem that isn’t resolving itself as you had hoped. So let go of any expectations and avoid the additional problem of becoming resentful.
If you are frustrated, take a break, go outside and look up at the sky. When we see the incredible expanse of space and time it will ultimately make our problems look very small indeed. Even if this practice won’t solve your problem it will significantly reduce your frustration. Getting perspective about a problem is critical to put your mind into a state where it can be solved. So patience, perspective and prioritize. Things will work out…when it is time.
I am sending you bunches of love and gentle, pink huggz.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013

Facebook:  Sarah-Pink’s PromiseNoStress11


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