Lesson #59 Leaving Our Past Where It Belongs

I was thinking about my past a bit.  I looked at it as an observer and thought of all the lessons I have learned from mine. I am so grateful that I can do that without lingering in my past. It was kind of like being in a dense forest with no direction, but I really learned so many good things that I use daily now. I let go of the rest. I truly could have let myself get trapped there, playing the same scenarios over and over in my mind. UGH!!! It looks something like a really bad soap opera and I don’t even watch those.
I hope you have left your past where it belongs and you aren’t feeling trapped by it. We can leave it anytime we like and never go back. Just remember the super lessons you learned when you were living it. I also hope you have learned that you have a purpose in this world, that you matter so much, that you are not a doormat, you don’t have a revolving door in your heart, that you are not to be spoken to badly or be treated with any kind of violence. It did take me awhile to learn those things and even once in awhile now I will slip and think..”well, I’m a big nothing so I deserved that.” NOT TRUE. Never give up, there is hope. Hang onto it rather than the things you grew to believe about yourself that were not true.
You are amazing, loving, lovable, funny, honest people and you deserve the best. Never, ever forget that…it is truth.
I love you all and I am sending you happy, pink, huggz.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013

Facebook: Sarah-Pink’s PromiseTheBestWayToPredict


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