Lesson #58 Being Real

I was outside enjoying my insect friends and the chilliness of it all and thinking about the people who I am closest to. They all have things in common, but the main thing that stood out this morning was they are being real. What you see, what they say, how they act, their morals and values never change. They are people in process just like I am; they are still growing-learning-and healing just as I am. They are real. I have seen them in the best and worst of times and they can say the same of me….but they don’t change. Sometimes I have noticed we all get a new perspective on something and what’s ironic is that we do it separately…but close to the same time.
Being real or authentic is so much easier than being a different person to different people. On occasion I will have to dress up for something I am doing, but my pink hair, my piercings & tattoos are kind of right out there and well, if others don’t like it….that’s not my fault…I am being authentic. How someone looks doesn’t always mean anything. Sometimes a tree is just a tree.
Be okay with yourself and watch what happens. It’s pretty much good stuff. Surround yourself with real/authentic people and you will build trust. It is so much easier than pretending you are something else.
I love you all to the moon and back and I am sending you all a real, pink hug.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013

Facebook: Sarah-Pink’s PromiseBeReal1


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