Lesson #57 Holding On To Hope

This morning I was thinking about hope again and where I would be without it. I don’t even like to think about that. I have had Hope during my darkest moments and know there is always something greater ahead for me. The same goes for you…hope is for everyone and it doesn’t cost a thing. Having faith and hope is what has kept me on a positive path for so many years. No matter how difficult life appears to be, I know that only good lies ahead. I believe that in the very core of my spirit. There have been countless times in my life where I could have seen certain situations as life’s greatest downfalls but I was able to see it as a miracle, a gift, or a lesson. When we you shift our perception of things we can transform…things go from no so wonderful to oh so positive. I want to encourage us all to keep our hope alive. Pass it on, share it, live it!! Here are some quotes I really liked about Hope.
“Hope is not pretending that troubles don’t exist. It is the hope that they won’t last forever. That hurts will be healed and difficulties overcome. That we will be led out of the darkness and into the sunshine.” Anonymous
“He who has faith has… an inward reservoir of courage, hope, confidence, calmness, and assuring trust that all will come out well – even though to the world it may appear to come out most badly.” B.C. Forbes- Financial Journalist, Founder of Forbes Magazine
“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” Epicurus
I love you all very much and I am sending you each a hope filled, pink, hug.

Sarah-Pink Welch

Facebook: Sarah-Pink’s PromiseHopeWhenTheWorldSays1


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