Lesson #51 Journaling Your Way To Understanding

JournalingJournaling. I have been receiving emails asking me about journaling and how to do it. I hope this will help you all get started if it’s something you would like to do.
To begin with, there is no right or wrong way to journal. You never get graded on it because it’s yours and yours alone, unless you choose to share from it.
All you need is paper and something to write with. I use hardbound books to journal in. They cost a bit more but it’s what I like to write in. A simple notebook works just fine. I always have 4 journals going at one time. I have a Gratitude Journal that I write in at night. I go through my day and note everything different and special that I am grateful for. This one really comes in handy when I have a not so great moment or day. I look through it and count al my blessings. The next is my Prayer journal that I use everyday. It is filled with people’s names and there needs. When a prayer is answered I write a big old YES by the prayer. So when I pray in the morning and evening I use that journal and pray for everyone in it. Another journal is my Personal thoughts journal. I don’t write in it everyday but pretty close to it. I just write about things I learned, things I have changed my perspective on, things I have seen or heard. My last journal is really a hardbound sketchbook. This is where I sketch some of my artwork and also where I write down my lyrics to a new song that bounces around in my head. Mine are all different colors and when I first started journaling I was 7. My ink pen color choices were limited then. Black, blue and red. Now I write in pink. And that’s all there is to it. I don’t worry about grammar or spelling, I just write what I need/want to write. I hope this helps you all a bit. Writing is a good way to get those thoughts that may be bugging you out of your head and onto paper. So, write out loud!!!!
I love you all so very much and I am sending you all a pink, pen hug.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013

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