Lesson #50 And The Truth Will Set You Free

This morning I was thinking about the truth and trust. In my head, they go together. You really can’t have one without the other.
I have a few people who lie to me constantly…the worst part is that I am related to them. I think they do it so I won’t think less of them but they are so wrong. I know they lie to me so what does what they say even matter? Do I trust them? Nope.
Being truthful is so much easier than lying. Just tell the truth and it will set you free. People have asked me why I am so open about my life. Well, I would rather tell the truth than sit around wondering if people will find out about me…if that makes sense. If I tell you where and what I have been and done in my life and keep telling the truth, I never have to be concerned about being “found out”. I have no skeletons in my closet. And it all had to start with me. I had to be honest with myself about who and what I was and am. After that it got better fast. If you can’t be honest about you….you can’t be honest about much of anything.
To me, trust is the companion of truth. If you keep telling me the truth and being responsible I trust you. If you don’t, I can’t trust you. And trust is not an automatic thing. Trust is earned. If you lose someone’s trust it has to be earned back.
I was sharing with a friend that when I taught school I gave all my students an A at the beginning of the school year. All they had to do was keep it. My students thought it was awesome until they saw that they had to do the work to keep that A. I am happy to say that most of them did and I was always so proud of them.
So, if you aren’t being honest this is a good time to start. Honesty isn’t always pretty or easy but it is very worth it. Start with yourself and keep going…the trust will follow.
I love you all very much and I am sending you pink, honest huggz.

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2013

Facebook: Sarah-Pink’s PromiseTheTruth11

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