Lesson #31 Acceptance vs. Tolerance

The dictionary defines Acceptance as the following…“Favorable reception; approval”  I think most people have a instinctive need to be accepted.  We want to fit in, we want to be liked.  But, when we have to change who we are…our truest core selves…in order to be accepted, then we lose who we are and sometimes we get so caught up in pleasing others we never find ourselves again.  We invest ourselves in people we don’t even like, in organizations we don’t believe in, taking jobs in order to fit whatever the others define as acceptable.  We have stopped living our own sacred truth.  We become puppets.  We say the “right” things, but never share our own try opinion….if we can honestly remember what that is.

At this point in my life, and for many years now, I just can’t care what others think.  It drains me.  It bothers me so much I hide myself away in a journal or a walk.  So, I am me.  I am the best me I know.  I am not perfect, I am in process.  Each day I do all I can to learn something new.  I take the extra 5 miles to help someone else without expectation.  I look like I want to, and believe me, where I live the way I look is not really acceptable.  The heck with that.  I am celebrating life!!!!  Life is short.  I have lost mine more than once and doctors brought me back and I was sad when they did.  Had they not, I would not be doing what is acceptable to me.  Reaching my hand out, to help someone else up.  I don’t give handouts.  They are hand ups.

Some folks have used the phrase…“I guess I can tolerate that.”  All in reference to the way I look, the people I care about, the things that I do.  Please, do me a favor and don’t tolerate anything about me.  I don’t like the word and it does not fit me or my life.  Just keep on moving down the road and tolerate yourself. Here is what the dictionary says about tolerateAllow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference.  Oh my, oh my.  Please don’t tolerate me one more second.

In my world, I accept  ALL people as they are, where they are.  If they do not fit well in my life, then I simply walk silently away.  I don’t toleratetolerance.

I want to encourage everyone to do a reality check.  Are you accepting of yourself and your life style?  I you passionate about life?  Is your life filled with people you accept without expectation or condition or are you tolerating them?  It is never too late to live your best and most authentic life.  If yours is not making you feel excited, hope filled, joy filled, and cosy…..take the time to make the changes you want to get to where you want to be.  You can do it.  Yes you can.

Sarah-Pink Welch © 2012

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