Lesson #24 What I Know For Certain

No matter how much sadness there is in the world these days, I think that most people are inherently good and would do whatever it took to help others.

My grandma is 100 years old and she sees the world in a different way than I do.  Things were different for her when she was younger.  Hard work, little money, few clothes, little education, friends helping friends, neighbors reaching out to their neighbors, family dinner time…I see some of that today.  When something tragic happens, people tend to come to help.  There are always causes to raise money for.  But, I don’t really believe that’s the basis of “goodness”.

What is goodness.  To me it is about always doing the next right thing;  it’s about not being right but being happy;  it’s about following the rules as crazy as some seem;  it’s about being as available as you can be for others.

Goodness is a cool intention to set for yourself.  Good could even become the next awesome thing! It is different than kindness.  But it so many cases goodness and kindness go hand in hand.

When you give goodness that is exactly what will come back to you.  If you show kindness it will be shown to you.  I absolutely love doing things that not many people notice me doing.  Like paying for the gas the person will be getting who is waiting in line behind me.  I may not always know exactly how much they need, but I give them a head start.  Or leaving a small fruit basket  or flowers on a neighbors porch just because.  I don’t eat fast-food, but I do drink iced tea…and when I get to the window to pay, I pay for the folks in the car behind me.  It’s just what I like doing and it sure does add to my joy ratio.

There is no way in the world that there are not tons of people filled with goodness.  That saying about “attracting more bees with honey than vinegar” is so true.

So what do you think goodness is and what do you do for the sake of it?

Peace Always

Sarah© 2012


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