Lesson #18 Un-Clutter Your Way Into 2012

The major gift giving season is coming to a close and it’s time to sit down with paper and pen and take stock of what you own.  What is living in your closets??

I made an intention long ago that if I have not worn or used something in 1 year, it had to find a new home.  The odd thing is, I am not a shopper.  I get my clothes at thrift stores and I also make my own clothes.  I have a certain style and the best description I have for it is Bohemian Funky.  I give my clothes away often to the homeless kids I know but my closet continues to fill up with more clothes.  It all boils down to the fact that the more you give something away….clothes, love, hope, encouragement, etc., the more you get it back.  I love how that works.

So tomorrow, I will check out my closet and whatever I haven’t worn in a year I will bag up and share with other people.  Then I will look around the house and see what books might be shared somewhere.  I guarantee you that this time next year I will have more books and clothes than I gave away.

I collect two things…angels and lighthouses.  Both have a tremendous spiritual meaning to me.  When I know that someone is ill or is going through a rough patch I will pick from my collections and give them something.  And don’t you know that in just a short time I will receive a new angel or lighthouse.

If you have children and they just received new toys it a great time to recycle the older ones.  Clean them up and donate them.  There are several places that can really use them and as long as you don’t give away your child’s favorite toy, they probably will not notice the older ones have found new homes.  This is also an awesome teachable moment for your child to start to understand sharing.

Living this life of intention is amazing.  My home is uncluttered and I always have more of everything than I really need.  Normally close to the end of winter I have given away all my coats, but that’s okay because I love layering sweaters.

Be kind to yourself and your home, clean them out and watch what happens.  It is very cool indeed.

Sarah© 2011





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