Lesson #4 Chances….How Many??

Have you ever made a mistake?  Did you ever hurt another person?  Well, I have made many mistakes and even though I never meant to hurt anyone, I have.  But, I have also been given 2nd, 3rd, 11th, and 23rd chances to do things right.

I am not asking anyone to become someone’s doormat or whipping post.  That would be called abuse.  But, if someone did not do something correctly and it affected you in a negative way, what do you have to loose by giving them another chance?  Nothing.  It all goes back to the forgiveness thing I wrote earlier.  There is a whole lot of relief and reward in giving folks another chance.  I have yet to meet a perfect person on the planet.

Now if someone continues to do the same negative thing, you have the right to say, sorry no more.

Another chance gives people the opportunity to learn something, to have a clean slate, to make things better than they were before.  Chances can actually help people start over.  If it weren’t for the many chances I have been given…I would not be writing this now.

Take some time to see who you can given another chance to.  The rewards can be awesome.

Love & Peace

Sarah-Pink Welch © 2011

Face: Sarah-Pink Promise


4 thoughts on “Lesson #4 Chances….How Many??

    • Hi HaLin,
      Yes it does sound that way indeed. But, when you decide to make an intention to do it, it gets easier and easier. When it’s not safe, whether it be emotionally or physically, walk away with forgiveness in your heart.
      Thanks for reading my blog and Merry Christmas.

      Love & Peace Always,

    • HaLin,
      Merry Christmas to you also. I am glad you found me. I hope you will keep in touch and listen to the Blog Talk Radio show that I am co-hosting with my colleague Diane. The details are on my website. Hopeslifecoaching.com
      2012 is going to be an amazing year for you.

      Love & Peace Always

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