Lesson #1 No Regrets

Have you ever had a dream to do something or be something that you’ve never done or been?  It is NEVER to late to do or be.  Now this isn’t about a Bucket List or the 100 things to see before you die, this is about being a pitcher on a Major League baseball team, or about dancing in Swan Lake. You may not actually become the ballplayer of the century, but you can show up at training camps and ask to pitch a few balls.  You may not be a ballerina but you can take up ballroom dancing and have a blast.  There is always a way to do or be your dream.  You have the power to make things happen.  A little research here and there and the doors will begin to open.  So let’s say you have about 50 paintings you have created and they’re stored away in the attic.  Visit the library, visit a craft store, visit a nursing home or hospital; ask if they would like to hang your art for display?  I am willing to say they won’t turn you down.  You will not only fulfill your dream but you will help a lot of people smile or dream themselves.  You write poetry.  Visit those those same places and offer to do a poetry reading.  People will love it and your dream is a reality not a regret.  Our world was built on dreams.  The car, electric, phones, records, going to the moon.  So dance, throw the strike balls, jump out of a perfectly good airplane, sing out loud, join a small theater group and LIVE OUT LOUD. No Regrets!!!!!!

Sarah-Pink Welch© 2011

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2 thoughts on “Lesson #1 No Regrets

  1. Thanks so much HaLin. I hope you keep following. Did you know I co-host an internet radio show called the Lemonade Stand? We talked about Addiction last night and next Thursday at 9 pm ET we are starting a series on Wellness. If you want to hear Thursday’s show just go to hopeslifecoaching.com and there is a radio at the bottom left of the page. I hope you get even more inspired.
    Love & Peace Always

    oh…. blogtalkradio.comthelemonadestand Thursdays at 9pm ET

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