Lesson #6 Forgiveness

Holding a grudge or staying angry at someone or at situations does nothing to anyone or anything but ourselves.  It’s unhealthy, causes us to lose sleep, pumps up our blood pressure, causes us to lose sleep, we feel negative and depressed and usually the people or situations we are upset about are doing just fine.  Odd how that works, but that’s how it is.

The best thing to do is forgive as soon as you can.  We are human and never forget what might have hurt us, but trust me, it is better for us to forgive and make a positive intention to let it go.

If it’s not possible or not safe to forgive in person, write a letter.  Put all the angry, bitters stuff on paper and let it sit a day or two.  Then, burn it, shred it, throw it away….and leave it alone.

If you have hurt someone, and it’s possible and safe to talk with the person, then get busy and ask their forgiveness.  It sounds really hard, even frightening, but once it’s finished you will feel better.

Then be a bit cautious about rushing right back in to the same issue you had.  Do your best to watch what and how you say things or do things in the future.  Sometimes in our busyness we forget that other people have feelings too.

Make it your intention to make a list of things that need forgiveness, whether it’s on your end or someone else’s.  And in the next week start the forgiveness process, you will feel and be free.

Sarah© 2011



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