Lesson #5 One of My Heroes — Kris Carr

One of my heroes is Kris Carr.  She is absolutely amazing and also has a rare and incurable cancer like me.  Please look her up at http://crazysexylife.com/about/   You will be inspired too.

Yesterday, on the OWN channel she was on Super Soul Sunday with her movie Crazy Sexy Cancer.  Everything she has written I now have and read it often.  I have been reading a lot lately.  Mainly during the cold months I have to be especially careful about GERMS.  So, I stay inside unless I go visit my homeless kids.  I know you’re thinking…she goes to them and has to worry about germs…well I never worry.  I have nearly everything my kids do, and so I don’t get sick.  Now put me in a room full of WELL people and I will have pneumonia by in just a few hours.  Seriously…how weird is that I ask you?

Kris is one of those people that seems to always leave me smiling or laughing and checking out some new miracle cure.  Her books are a MUST READ!!!!

Most people have been affected one way or another by cancer and in 2011, when we can go to the moon, talk to the security systems in our homes, talk to someone 100’s of miles away from our cars and we have NO CURE!!!!!  What gives with that?

Keep smiling, keep laughing, keep believing, take up a hobby, help someone else, LIVE OUT LOUD!!!!

I love you all and have a bright and sparkly day.

Sarah© 2011



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