Lesson #9 You Are Beautiful And You Matter

Growing up I really didn’t hear that I mattered much or that I was loved.  My dad was awesome but I was not in my mother’s life plan.  I was never good enough, pretty enough, smart enough…I just wasn’t enough at anything.  The hugs I got were from dad, as well as the kisses and most of the time I wondered how to get my mother to at least like me.  It’s 56 years later and dad is gone and mother is well….mother is as she was and still doesn’t like me.

I hope none of you ever went through what I did.  It left me damaged, nervous, all the ugly things.  I have finally worked through them and know that I am enough.  I am intelligent, creative, loving, funny, compassionate, and other cool adjectives.

Please know that if you felt the same way I did, the things said to you were LIES.  Hurt people…hurt people!!!  And we aren’t the ones who hurt the hurters.  We just felt the pain they did.  I am so sorry you hurt like that or maybe you still do.  You deserved all the love and encouragement in the universe.  None of us were mistakes, accidents, etc.. We were put here for a reason and regardless of how bad we had it, good can still come from it all.

If you have children, please love them.  Hold them tight and let them know just how remarkable and wonderful they are.  That’s how we change things in our families.  That saying, “the buck stops here”, can be applied.  Even though we were abused, ignored, hurt doesn’t mean we have to pass that on to our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc..

Please know that each of you are beautiful and that you matter more than anything in the world.  There isn’t anything you can’t do or be.  It is never too late to re-write your story.  It is never too late to stop living in the past pain and create a new story.

Look in a mirror each day and tell yourself how much you love yourself.  It’s a small step to breaking the chain that tends to keep us connected to the LIES of the past.  Smile often, journal, hug people for no reason at all.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU MATTER!!!!!  Never forget that.




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