Lesson #10 ***Just Breathe***

Over the years I have noticed that I was walking around doing my thing and holding my breath.  It wasn’t until I started yoga that I realized just how many people go through life not breathing for brief periods of time.

I set my intention to BREATHE!  I began to feel good even great.  Holding my breath was like waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Well that could happen in the next few seconds or months.  No sense in waiting on that.  None whatsoever.  Things happen when they’re supposed to and waiting had no effect on those things either way.  Now I breathe.

Take a few days and see how often you are doing what do and holding your breath while you’re doing whatever it is.

Inhale the best things and exhale the junk.

Just Breathe!!!!!

Sarah-Pink Welch ©2011

Facebook: Sarah-Pink’s PromiseJustBreathe2


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