Lesson #11 I Will Be Happy When…

Have you heard anyone say that?  I will be happy when…..(you fill in the blank).  I will be happy when I get a better job;  I will be happy when the kids are all grown and out of the house;  I will be happy when I get married;  I will be happy when I retire;  I will be happy when I lose 10 pounds.  It goes on and on.

The problem with that kind of thinking is, people are speaking as if they have a guarantee they will still be on the face of the earth when..the new job comes;  when the kids are grown;  when or if they get married;  when they can retire;  and when they lose 10 pounds.  Oh, that word LOSE.  Our minds are wired so that we will not stop looking for what we LOSE until we find it.  So, if you are on a journey to become thinner, rid yourself of the word LOSE and replace it with shed, rid, etc….

Maybe if we spent time and energy on the day we are in it would become something awesome.  Being grateful for what we have, where we are, as we are.  The kids will grow up too fast, jobs are hard to come by, walking is super for the waistline, and being retired can be boring.

Now is all any of us have.  A large tree could fall on this house and smash me in the next few minutes and I could be gone for good.  So much for now!

Enjoy life and all the gifts we have right this minute.  Things always work out.  Maybe not like we think they need to, but they do.

Live, Live, Live NOW!!!

Sarah-Pink Welch © 2011

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